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Hate Mail



Date: 10 December 2012
Subject: that sheikh movie

i hated that film. not because it was irreverent or blasphemous or culturally insensitive, but because it was like watching someone pull the wings off an insect. your character (you?) is the most thoroughly unlikable, hypocritical, un-self-aware (i hope) jackass i've seen on screen, maybe ever. you're not an iconoclast; you're a self-important twat, reeking of toxic unexamined privilege.


From: Emily
Date: 17 December 2012
Subject: It serves you right for not thinking!
I am sorry but this film just is absolutely appalling to me. As someone who has lived in this country for 2 years, (the U.A.E). It is absolutely wrong for not thinking about their culture before you went. You have got to be kidding me if you just "winged it" and (apparently pissed off their culture, in the process.) ~Sorry Stupid and appalling for not thinking, common sense!
Thank you!

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